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LinkedIn is the best platform for promoting your blockchain startup

Why LinkedIn is best for blockchain startups

Since Facebook and Google have banned the ICO promotions, Linkedin has naturally become one of the leading sources to communicate your Blockchain story.

Your future partners, advisors and 90% of investors use LinkedIn on daily basis to hunt, explore and learn about projects, will you still use massive promotion strategy or engage and connect to those that matter?

Having a ROI Driven and well developed LinkedIn profile can help to strategically developed global networks, channels for ROI Driven project promotion and above all, the creation of online presence that matters.

Content revolutionaries weekly social media use:

Why WiredIn is best for promoting

LinkedIn is more dominant than ever among job seekers and recruiters. Based on our research, we find that more and more professionals use LinkedIn without realizing the importance of online self-branding, expertise sharing, and blogging.

Your idea, your skill, or experience can attract the right partner, employer, or startup, and beyond. Having a well-developed LinkedIn profile can lead to strategically developed global networks, channels for self promotion, and above all the creation of an online presence that matters.

What’s WiredIn?WiredIn consists of self-branding experts creating online impressions that break rules, attract professionals in any required industry, and call people to action to partner with you.
Global NetworkLinkedIn has over 460 Million global users, 200 countries, 120 industries, 20 languages and counting. An Eden for those who want to get noticed.
Online BrandingFew self-branding experts can combine the disciplines of branding, marketing, technology, business modeling, and ideation to create one solid profile, but WiredIn can.

How our service works

Self branding & MarketingManage Self-branding/marketing plans to ensure organic growth
Content ManagementImplement, organize, format content by giving it flavor the right ICO image
Organic ICO GrowthEnsure 20% of quality connection growth and brand visibility
Distribution Platforms & O2ODistributing promotional content with integration of Online to Offline activities
Corporate Page ManagementResearching ICO corporate page and developing competitive action plan to maximize its ICO growth


Maria Spiring
Despite all the skepticism, they exceeded the imagination in a matter of weeks.
Stephane Laurent
For Blockchain startups, this is ROI-driven strategies that work, each CEO, Advisor, Partner, or anyone who would like to be strategically connected, showcase their expertise, and get recognized in Blockchain community, strongly recommended.
Larry Liu
Genaro Network
Phenomenal strategy, phenomenal execution, and extraordinary results couldn`t be better.
Miranda Tan
In just three weeks, Wiredin`s team have grown Linkedin`s network engagement exponentially, and content distribution was more than we expected.
Maximilian Kobernik
Wiredin`s Linkedin strategy not only adapted to our particular needs quickly, but also developed content strategy that communicated our story attracting target audience saving us tons of money.
Marian Danko
They have a deep understanding of Linkedin strategy that has become our most productive B2B Linkedin partnership, must have service for blockchain startups.

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